Bed and Breakfast
We welcome you in our residence situated along the Riviera del Brenta; a big house
overlooking the river that welcomes attentive and curious guests.
B&B Canalgrande offers a refined comfort in a family atmosphere. Things and spaces rich in history, and culture let the guests live emotions.
The House

Venetian prints, small bronzes, paintings and furtniture all of them of different ages, that connotate comfortable, elegant and friendly environments. Our guests can use the private car park, the garden, the breakfast hall, the bioclimatic bower, and the relax area.

The Bed and Breakfast

The structure, situated in the XVIIth cent centre of the old village, overlooks a branch of the river Brenta that in ancient times went on into the Venice lagoon forming the bed of the present Canal Grande. Hence the B&B’s name. The ties with the lagoon city is direct because the Riviera del Brenta started from here as a holiday resort for the Venetian nobles since 1500. Now more than those dys, thanks to the close infrastructural networks, it is possible to use this central place to get not only to Venice, but also to Padova, Chioggia, Vicenza, Treviso, Verona, the Prosecco hills, and the Cortina Dolomites.

The family

The passiobn for art, history and culture marks the present owners who, since 1986 have been involved in the improvement of their territory through a publishing house that has published thousands of guides in several languages on cities, villas, and Venetian resorts. A deep knowledge of the environment offers our guests lots of hints in order to discover places and peculiar realities of Venice , and Veneto, often unknown to mass tourism, but as much rich in charm and value.